Is Ekklesia an LGBTQ+ affirming community?

We recognize the importance for a church to be transparent in what it believes and values. Which is why we are often asked: Do you affirm women in leadership? Is anti-racism preached and valued? Does Ekklesia fully welcome and include LGBTQ+ persons?

The answer to these questions is an enthusiastic yes! We are fully welcoming and inclusive of all LGBTQ+ persons. No strings attached, and no fine print. Over Ekklesia’s lifetime, members of our LGBTQ+ community have served in every ministry capacity. From nursery to worship teams, from hospitality to our Board of Elders, from small groups to prayer team to church treasurer and more.

While those who call Ekklesia home possess a diversity of thought, together we are deeply committed to justice and to recognizing the dignity and divinity of ALL persons.