Board of Elders

Our elected board of elders meets on a monthly basis to plan and discuss how we can increasingly become a faith community where heaven and earth collide. The board also serve to encourage and care for our pastoral staff.

Alex, Linda and his three children started attending Ekklesia in the summer of 2017, after coming home from a week at Higher Ground. Alex is a sales engineer for a company that manufactures point-to-point communications systems. He is trying to figure out single parenting, work, and life balance after suddenly losing his wife of 28 years in the Spring of 2021. Reading, long walks and food & wine pairing are some of the things he loves to do for his free time.

Alex Kiener

board member

Erin officially joined the Ekklesia community in 2012 when she and her husband, Andy, moved back to Raleigh with their son, Sam (b.2010). Since then, they’ve added Charlotte (b.2013) and Henry (b.2015) to the mix. It was an easy choice to become part of Ekklesia, but the real joy has been in the sticking around to grow in faith with the community who calls Ekklesia Home. Erin’s proudest accomplishment of 2021 is surfing for approximately 3.2 seconds. When she’s not wondering if she’s going to be late to carpool (again), Erin is working at the Hope Center at Pullen, out hiking, folding laundry, or watching a movie with the fam (hopefully Marvel, Ip Man or Harry Potter).

Erin Witcher

board member

Lindsay was born and raised in North Carolina and works as Director of Development at North Carolina State University’s College of Engineering. She moved to the Triangle in late 2015 and after a long search for a church home, she found Ekklesia in late 2018. She was immediately drawn to the sense of community she felt, the church’s focus on having a servant’s heart, and how welcoming and accepting it is of all people. Lindsay serves as a member of the Diversity Task Force at Ekklesia. In her downtime, she enjoys domestic and international travel (both solo and with friends), listening to NPR, binge-watching a great show, and the beach.

Lindsay Smith

board member

Wes is a born and bred North Carolinian and has called Ekklesia home for the past five years.  When he and his wife Laura moved to Raleigh they searched for a new church for over a year and decided on Ekklesia because it was a place where they felt a strong sense of community and service as well as a place that was welcoming and accepting of all people.  Wes works as an Assistant Attorney General at the North Carolina Department of Justice and when he is not working volunteers with Ekklesia’s Connekkt Youth Ministry and fosters dogs.

Wes Saunders

board member

Cynthia, her husband Jim, and their three boys (Trent, Grant, and Seth) joined the Ekklesia community in the summer of 2017. After a frustrating search for a church home, Cynthia attended just one service at Ekklesia and knew this was it. They found in Ekklesia a beautiful place where all are fully included in church community, with no exceptions. Cynthia has spent most of her adult life working and volunteering for non-profit organizations battling the challenges of affordable housing, neighborhood revitalization, veteran suicide awareness, and much more. She loves reading, traveling, impromptu beach trips, and currently serves as the Diversity Task Force facilitator at Ekklesia.
Cynthia Wilson

board member

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