If you are a regular part of Ekklesia, near the end of every worship service, we encourage those who came prepared to give a tithe or offering to do so in the boxes located at the auditorium entrance. We can’t say that for awhile.

But even during this season of Covid-19 and the coronavirus, your giving still crucial. Our local mission opportunities continue. If you are able to continue giving, please do so here online or via mail (PO Box 19222, Raleigh NC 27619).

NOTE: If Ekklesia is your church home, and if you and your family have been adversely financially impacted by the coronavirus (job loss, revenue loss, etc), please let us know. Let us be the church. Our benevolence team will do what they can to help.

Give Online

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Thoughtful Faith

We hope to engage our Raleigh community thoughtfully with charity and humility so that we become part of the conversation around us. “Because the Bible says so” is an inadequate answer.

Loving Community

We want to be a place where family happens. Family is never perfect, but it is certainly good. It is less about “agreeing on all disputed matters” and far more about “regarding each other’s needs as one’s own.”

Radical Generosity

This is how the early church changed the world — by following Christ’s example in pouring themselves out on behalf of the world around them. This is why we give a third of our offerings away [ read more ].