Connecting Faith and Vocation

    The goal of this simple survey is twofold. (1) to help us gauge interest levels in being part of a conversation connecting faith with the marketplace, and (2) to gather some feedback that might help give shape to the conversations that may unfold. If you have a few minutes, please fill out the form below and add comments wherever applicable.

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    Q1: What word best describes my work?

    CareerJobCallingOccupationVocationNecessary evil

    Q2: I feel my work is related to the Kingdom of God

    IntentionallyAccidentallyAll the timeSome of the timeNone of the time

    Q3: I feel that I'm able to live out God's purpose for my life through my work

    ConsistentlySporadicallyNeverCompletely unrelated subjects

    Q4: I have found that my faith

    Helps me improve in how I workIs neither helpful or hurtful in how I workIs unhelpful in how I workCreates obstacles in how I work

    Q5: If I were to accomplish more in my work and/or earn a better living, I would find it

    Aligned (helpful) with kingdom livingUnrelated to kingdom livingOpposed to kingdom living

    Q6: I am able to rely on my church community for counsel/advice in how I work

    ConsistentlySporadicallyWell meaning, but not usefulNever

    Q7: Are you considering changing your career/work

    I am actively looking for something differentI am considering a change in career/vocationI see myself in this line of work long termI am just now beginning to enter the workforce

    Q8: What level of investment are you making in growing your career?

    I know what the next role is for me and I am intentionally pursuing itI know what the next role is for me but I need help in preparing for itI want a new role but I need help in figuring out what role I should pursueI want a new role but I need help in figuring out what development I need to pursueI am currently not interested in changing my role

    Q9: What did we not ask that we should have asked?

    Additional Questions/Comments

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