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Names – Part 5 – James and John

10/01/2017 – Names – Part 5 – James and John

Mark 3:13-17. Nicknames can be very powerful things. They convey intimacy and relationship. Jesus nicknamed three of his disciples. Two were the brothers James and John, whom he nicknamed the “Sons of Thunder.” What can we learn from this name and the disciples is was given to?

Lessons at Seven – Part 2 – Three Stages of Religion

8/13/2017 – Lessons at Seven – Part 2 – Three Stages of Religion

John 4:13; 7:37-38; 10:10; 15:5-11. Just as a child moves from childhood into adolescence and into adulthood, faith (when lived correctly) has similar transitions. How do we avoid getting stuck in early stages of religion?

Lessons at Seven – Part 1 – Abraham and Abimelek

8/6/2017 – Lessons at Seven – Part 1 – Abraham and Abimelek

Genesis 20:1-18. Along Abraham’s God-ordained journey to become a new kind tribe (a tribe for all people), he bumps into King Abimelek in the land of Gerar. In this encounter, Abraham learns a paradigm-shifting lesson about his God.

Worship with Christ Our King Community Church – Colossians 4:7-18 – Reconciliation

hands folded in prayer - square7/30/2017 – Worship with Christ Our King Community Church – Reconciliation

Colossians 4:7-18. The church has a history of taking scriptures intended for one purpose with their original audience, and turning them into something radically different. In this message on reconciliation, we explore a text that has been much abused.

An Illustrated Compassion – Part 2 – Shiphrah and Puah

7/9/2017 –An Illustrated Compassion – Part 2 – Shiphrah and Puah

Exodus 1:8-10, 15-21. Two Hebrew Midwives are commanded by the Egyptian Pharaoh to only allow baby girls to live. Their refusal to obey puts a spotlight on how our world misuses power. Instead power should be used on behalf of the powerless – to defend the defenseless.

An Illustrated Compassion – Part 1 – Abraham, Sarah, and the Transformation of a Laugh

7/2/2017 – An Illustrated Compassion – Part 1 – Abraham, Sarah, and the Transformation of a Laugh

Genesis 18. When three travelers arrive on Abraham’s “doorstep,” he doesn’t know it is the Lord or that an outlandish promise is about to be given. Nevertheless, he opens his home and heart, unwittingly starting a great new adventure.

The 7 Churches of Revelation – Part 8 – The Church at Laodicea

6/25/2017 – The 7 Churches of Revelation – Part 8 – The Church at Laodicea

Revelation 3:14-22. The church at Laodicea is the only one not to receive any praise. Instead, we find only words of correction and indictment, for they had become stagnant in a place of wealth, power and security, falling woefully short of the call of the gospel to move from power to powerlessness.

The Seven Churches of Revelation – Part 6 – The Church at Sardis

6/11/2017 – The 7 Churches of Revelation – Part 6 – The Church at Sardis

Revelation 3:1-6. The church at Sardis has a problem. At one time, they were awake, alive, vibrant and living a Kingdom-life! But over time, they’ve fallen asleep. Could it be this isn’t just an ancient story or plot line? are we still in danger of falling asleep?

The 7 Churches of Revelation – Part 5 – The Church at Thyatira

6/4/2017 – The 7 Churches of Revelation – Part 5 – The Church at Thyatira

Revelation 2:18-29. Ancient Thyatira was a less notable city than the first three in Revelation, but it was still a place of great tension and temptation for the early church. In response, Jesus uses the OT character of Jezebel to challenge the church to remain faithful.

The 7 Churches of Revelation – Part 4 – The Church at Pergamum

5/28/2017 – The 7 Churches of Revelation – Part 4 – The Church at Pergamum

Revelation 2:12-17. The church at Pergamum has found itself increasingly indistinguishable from its surrounding culture by following “the teaching of Balaam.” What is the warning in this text for us?

The 7 Churches of Revelation – Part 2 – The Church at Ephesus

5/14/2017 – The 7 Churches of Revelation – Part 2 – The Church at Ephesus

Revelation 2:1-7. There were many things to commend the church at Ephesus, except the most needful thing. Love. As a church that has parted ways with poor expressions of fundamental evangelicalism, it’s easy to fall into a pattern of self-commendation, but yet forget to love.

The Lord’s Prayer – Part 6 – Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors

4/2/2017 – The Lord’s Prayer – Part 6 – Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors

Matthew 6:5-15. To pray “forgive us our debts” we need to recognize we have them: debts. And the mandate “to forgive our debtors” can be particularly challenging, especially when those wounds were caused within the church.

The Lord’s Prayer – Part 4 – Thy Kingdom Come

3/19/2017 – The Lord’s Prayer – Part 4 – Thy Kingdom Come

Matthew 6:5-13
There are political ramification to this phrase in Jesus prayer: to pray for a Kingdom to arrive other than the kingdom that is. The language Jesus used and the life he lived challenged and spoke prophetically into the political reality in which he lived. As followers of Jesus, perhaps we are meant to do the same.

The Lord’s Prayer – Part 3 – Hallowed Be Thy Name

3/12/2017 – The Lord’s Prayer – Part 3 – Hallowed Be Thy Name

Matthew 6:5-13
“Hallowed be Thy name” is a phrase which seems to have lost its meaning. We say the words in the Lord’s Prayer, but they roll off the tongue with little thought or consideration. What does it mean to “Hallow” God’s name? And what is God’s name?

The Lord’s Prayer – Part 2 – Our Father in Heaven

3/5/2017 – The Lord’s Prayer – Part 2 – Our Father in Heaven

Matthew 6:5-13. Oft repeated words begin to sound like nursery rhymes instead of something that might hold depth, truth and the power to change us. This week we dive into the opening words of Jesus prayer. Our Father in heaven.

The Lord’s Prayer – Part 1 – Introduction

2/26/2017 – The Lord’s Prayer – Part 1 – Introduction

Matthew 6:5-9. As we begin a new series on the Lord’s Prayer we must first ask about the context Jesus teaches the Prayer in. What was the lead-up that led him to share this laconic but powerful prayer? More importantly, what does it mean to go into your room, close the door, and pray?

The Good Samaritan – Part 2 – The Improbable Priest

2/19/2017 – The Good Samaritan – Part 2 – The Improbable Priest

Luke 10:25-37. In the parable of the Good Samaritan, Jesus venerates the Samaritan above the Priest and the Levite, but the manner in which he does so requires careful attention or we will miss the most beautifully shocking part of the story.

Refresh 2017 – Part 4 – Money

2/5/2017 – Refresh 2017 – Part 4 – Money

Luke 11:33-42. “Church and Money.” When these two words appear in the same conversation, things can get heated. In this sermon, we attempt to challenge financial abuse within the church, and to look with fresh eyes at Jesus clear call to generosity (both individually and corporately).

Advent 2016 Just Christmas – Part 1 – Hope (A Thief, a Desert, and a Manger)

11/27/2016 – Advent 2016 Just Christmas – Part 1 – A Thief, a Desert, and a Manger

Matthew 24:42-44; Mark 1:4-8; Luke 2:6-7. A thief in the night. A wild-man in the desert. And a manger in a stable. These are three very curious ways to speak of Christ’s Advent – the arrival of hope.

Philippians – Part 6

11/20/2016 – Philippians – Part 6

Philippians 4:4-13. “I can do all this through him who gives me strength.” This is probably the most well-known verse in Philippians … and perhaps the most oft quoted verse of all of Paul’s writings. It is also probably the most abused and misused. A look at this verse in context sheds new light and understanding.

Philippians – Part 5

11/13/2016 – Philippians – Part 5

Philippians 3:1-14, 17

In the early church, the Jewish Religious leaders were trying to impose rules and customs upon the Gentile believers for them to truly belong. How might this story help us respond in a healthy way to last week’s election and to move forward in health, grace and unity?

Family Meeting 11/06/2016

11/06/2016 – Family Meeting

From time to time, we as a church family need to pause and talk about things. Often these family meetings are practical in nature. This one was much more personal (and emotional). If you consider Ekklesia your church home and you missed last Sunday, please click the link below and listen when you have a few minutes. Thanks.

Philippians – Part 3

10/23/2016 – Philippians – Part 3

Philippians 2:1-11

After challenging the Philippians to live lives worthy (politeuo in Greek) of the Gospel, Paul begins to show them what this looks like. No passage articulates Jesus’ upside-down kingdom better than Phil. 2:1-11, a hymn and a challenge to consider the needs of others above yourselves.

Philippians – Part 1 – Live Your Life Worthy

10/02/2016 – Philippians – Part 1 – Live Your Life Worthy

Philippians 1:1-11, 27-30

In the opening chapter of Paul’s letter to the Philippians, he uses a unique word with political overtones when he says, ·live your life worthy of the gospel.” What could this mean for us today in the midst of this heightened political season?

Trinity – Part 3 – The Son

09/18/2016 – Trinity – Part 3 – The Son

Colossians 1:15-20
In the early Christian creeds, much more attention is given to the identity and nature of the Son than the Father and the Holy Spirit. This tells us something important about both culture and faith!

Trinity – Part 2 – The Father

09/11/2016 – Trinity – Part 2 – The Father

Luke 15:17-24. “Our Father” is perhaps our most commonly uttered heaven-bound phrase. It is ubiquitous within our faith. And in its ubiquity, it has simultaneously come to mean both too much and too little. This sermon is an exploration of both: how it means too much, and how it means too little.

Trinity – Part 1 – The Mystery (an overview)

09/04/2016 – Trinity – Part 1 – The Mystery (an overview)

Readings: The Nicene Creed and John 14:15-20.
It isn’t just the New Testament that gives hints of a mysterious, multifaceted, three-in-one God. While we will never be able to explain the trinity, we can explore it humble, embracing mystery.

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