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You Have Heard it Said – Part 2 – Moving Out of Sacrifice, Violence and Tribalism

5/13/2018 – You Have Heard it Said – Part 2 – Moving Out of Sacrifice, Violence and Tribalism

Leviticus 1:1-9; Isaiah 1:11-7; Malachi 3:6. Scripture seems to portray a God who changes from demanding sacrifices to detesting sacrifices; from retribution and violence to compassion and mercy; from tribal loyalty to global loyalty. How do we make sense of this?

If the Dead Could Speak – Part 1 – Do Not Hold on to Me

4/8/2018 – If the Dead Could Speak – Part 1 – Do Not Hold on to Me

John 20:11-18. Outside the empty tomb, the risen Christ says to Mary Magdalene, “Do not hold on to me.” It was a warning to Mary that the way she had known him was going to change. She had to move into a new way of knowing him. A growing faith will always have “do not hold on to me” moments.


Lent 2018 Holy Week – Part 4 – Maundy Thursday (The Last Supper)

3/11/2018 – Lent 2018 Holy Week – Part 4 – Maundy Thursday (The Last Supper)

Luke 22:7-20; John 13:4-17. “Do this in remembrance of me.” Jesus final meal with his disciples recalls the ancient exodus story (liberation from slavery in Egypt) but also adds new meaning to the Passover meal — speaking to an even deeper liberation that Christ brings.


Refresh 2018 – Part 3 – Discipleship

1/21/2018 – Refresh 2018 – Part 3 – Discipleship

Matthew 4:18-21; 10:24-25; 28:18-20. Discipleship has always been at the heart of who we wanted to be as a church, but what exactly is it? And what does it have to do with algorithms, banner ads, and Brain Plasticity? I’m glad you asked… lots!

An Ironic Christmas – Part 4 – Two Kinds of Peace

12/24/2017 – An Ironic Christmas – Part 4 – Two Kinds of Peace

Isaiah 11:1-2, 6-9; Luke 1:39-56. Tonight (Christmas Eve) and tomorrow – against the backdrop of Christmas lights and decorations – we all hope to experience moments of peace and calm and contentedness. But this is only a dim reflection of the robust Peace Christ came to bring.

An Ironic Christmas – Part 2 – Hipster Nativities, Stick-on Cotton-Beards, Christmas Gifts and Letting Jesus Show

12/10/2017 – An Ironic Christmas – Part 2

Hipster Nativities, Stick-on Cotton-Beards, Christmas Gifts and Letting Jesus Show

Luke 2:8-20; Isaiah 9:2, 5-7. The Child we celebrate at Christmas grew up to say, “Watch out! Be on your guard; life does not consist in an abundance of possessions.” And yet, the words “abundance of possessions” might be the most Christmasy phrase imaginable! Today we reflect on this great Christmas irony.

The Night Before Christmas – Part 4 – Rome

11/26/2017 – The Night Before Christmas – Part 4 – Rome

John 18:1-12. There may not be another scene in all of scripture where Empire and Kingdom stand in such contrast with each other, than Jesus betrayal in the Garden of Gethsemane. The violent ways of empire brandishing it’s swords and clubs on one side, and the compassionate way of Kingdom healing its enemies on the other. And Peter (with us) somewhere in the messy middle.

The Night Before Christmas – Part 2 – Into Babylon

11/12/2017 – The Night Before Christmas – Part 2 – Into Babylon

Select verses from Amos 3, Isaiah 1, and Jeremiah 29. When Israel was dramatically liberated from Egypt, their future was filled with such hope! But just a handful of generations later, they had lost their way, landing them in captivity once again. Babylon. What happened? Are we on a similar path today?

The Night Before Christmas – Part 1 – Egypt

11/5/2017 – The Night Before Christmas – Part 1 – Egypt

Exodus 1-3. Often we forget that Israel was a small kingdom that lived its whole existence in the shadow of larger, more powerful empires, but this reality shapes the Scriptures and sets the stage for the miracle of Christmas. This week, we begin by discussing why God chose to start his story of redemption in Egypt with a group of slaves.

Names – Part 7 – Saul to Paul

10/15/2017 – Names – Part 7 – Saul to Paul

Acts 9:1-19. From Saul to Paul. Like so many of the renaming stories of this sermon series, the shift from Saul to Paul speaks to a shift from self-consideration into self-forgetfulness; a theme clearly reflected in the Apostle Paul’s writings.

Names – Part 5 – James and John

10/01/2017 – Names – Part 5 – James and John

Mark 3:13-17. Nicknames can be very powerful things. They convey intimacy and relationship. Jesus nicknamed three of his disciples. Two were the brothers James and John, whom he nicknamed the “Sons of Thunder.” What can we learn from this name and the disciples is was given to?

An Illustrated Compassion – Part 1 – Abraham, Sarah, and the Transformation of a Laugh

7/2/2017 – An Illustrated Compassion – Part 1 – Abraham, Sarah, and the Transformation of a Laugh

Genesis 18. When three travelers arrive on Abraham’s “doorstep,” he doesn’t know it is the Lord or that an outlandish promise is about to be given. Nevertheless, he opens his home and heart, unwittingly starting a great new adventure.

The 7 Churches of Revelation – Part 8 – The Church at Laodicea

6/25/2017 – The 7 Churches of Revelation – Part 8 – The Church at Laodicea

Revelation 3:14-22. The church at Laodicea is the only one not to receive any praise. Instead, we find only words of correction and indictment, for they had become stagnant in a place of wealth, power and security, falling woefully short of the call of the gospel to move from power to powerlessness.

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