Board of Elders

2017 Board Nominations

This fall, we will be electing 2 new people to serve on our board. The board is currently comprised of 5 people. For gender equity, of the 5 on the board at least 2 must be women and 2 must be men (i.e. we'll never exceed a 3-2 ratio in one direction or the other). Currently, we have one man and one woman stepping off of the board, leaving us with Andy Babcock, Shannon McDougal, and Colby Freeman. And so, of the 2 new people that will be elected, at least 1 must be female (but both could be).

If Ekklesia is your church home, please use the form below to enter the names of up to 2 people you believe to be spiritually mature men and women who care deeply about the life and health of Ekklesia. The people who receive the most nominations (who allow their names to stand) will be added to the ballot along with several individuals already recommended by our current board.

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Our elected board of elders meets on a monthly basis to plan and discuss how we can increasingly become a faith community where heaven and earth collide. The board also serve to encourage and care for our pastoral staff.

Sabrina has been a part of Ekklesia from it’s earliest days. She can often be found Sunday mornings at the hospitality table which she co-ordinates and leads. She is also a huge lover of all things purple and drum lines!

Sabrina Carr

board member

Andy is a family physician at Raleigh Family Practice. He and his wife, Laurel, have two beautiful and mischievous boys who LOVE trucks and dinosaurs. Andy is ALWAYS prepared for a round of disc-golf by keeping several drivers, mid-range discs and putters with him at all times.

Andy Babcock

board member

Luke and Lindsay have both been serving at Ekklesia since the day of our very first worship service. Luke fancies himself as a bit of a cigar aficionado, and a lover of board games. On Sundays, he can often be found playing bass or percussion on the worship team.

Luke Stevenson

board member

Shannon and Brent have been active members at Ekklesia since 2013. Shannon works for OneGoal. Their mission is to enlist and train our nation’s best educators to teach historically underserved high school students how to enroll in and complete college.

Shannon McDougal

board member

If you’ve met Colby and Amy and their kids, you already know how awesome they are. Depending on the time of year, they are busy coaching and driving their kids all of over Raleigh for soccer, baseball, basketball and more. They love their kids and they love their church home dearly.

Colby Freeman

board member

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