Board of Elders

Our elected board of elders meets on a monthly basis to plan and discuss how we can increasingly become a faith community where heaven and earth collide. The board also serve to encourage and care for our pastoral staff.

Caitie and Craig have called Raleigh and Ekklesia home since the fall of 2015. Caitie teaches elementary math and STEAM classes to PreK to 4thgrade students at St. David’s School in Raleigh, and you can find her volunteering in the Ekklesia Kids toddler class. She loves reading, spending time outside, and DIY projects.

Caitie Anderson

board member

If you’ve met Colby and Amy and their kids, you already know how awesome they are. Depending on the time of year, they are busy coaching and driving their kids all of over Raleigh for soccer, baseball, basketball and more. They love their kids and they love their church home dearly.

Colby Freeman

board member

Annie has been a part of Ekklesia since the fall of 2015. She serves regularly on Sunday mornings at the hospitality table, loves tea, and cheers for the NC State Wolfpack loudly and proudly.

Annie Jenkins

board member

Shannon and Brent have been active members at Ekklesia since 2013. Shannon works for OneGoal. Their mission is to enlist and train our nation’s best educators to teach historically underserved high school students how to enroll in and complete college.

Shannon McDougal

board member

Chris and his wife Crystal moved to Raleigh in 2015. They have two very loving and rambunctious little boys, Cassius ‘Cash’ (b.2015) and Charleston ‘Charlie’ (b.2017). Chris works as a fundraiser for NC State University. When Chris was asked, “how do you spend your free time when not busy with your beautiful family?” His response, “What time? My kids are thee and one!”

Chris Price

board member

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